The Jimmy Butler Story

September 14, 1989, Jimmy Butler III was born in Houston, Texas but sadly not into the best family, growing up Jimmy never knew his father and had a bad relationship with his mother. So bad that it led him to be kicked out into the streets by his mother while Jimmy was only 13. “I don’t like the look of you. You gotta go.” Were the last words Jimmy Butler heard from his mother the night he was kicked onto the streets.


At the time there were so many questions on Jimmy’s mind but still found a way to make the most of what he had. Throughout middle and high school he hopped from couch to couch and decided to quit playing football and focus on the one thing that never let him down, basketball. With the struggle of still being homeless after the constant moving, Jimmy stayed the night with one of his friends Jordan Leslie who is now a wide receiver in the NFL after a single night over that eventually turned into weeks to months and into his home. Jordan’s mom, Michelle Lambert took Jimmy in as one of her own and gave Jimmy the home he needed. 


Jimmy had an alright high school career but got nothing close to a division one offer, so in 2007 Jimmy enrolled at Tyler junior college and played one season to try to show D1 schools he was worth an offer. While scouting the team, the University of Marquette basketball coach Buzz Williams saw one player on the court outworking everyone on the court, and to no surprise, it was Jimmy the first thing that coach Williams said to Jimmy was “Jimmy you suck.” Even after a statement like that, it led to him earning a D1 offer to Marquette.


After the constant grinding, Jimmy had a solid college career with getting All-Big East honorable mention but was still under the impression that the NBA was out the picture, before the draft Jimmy attended an invitational camp where he was named MVP and got the much-needed looks by NBA scouts as results with the 30th pick of the 2011 NBA draft the Chicago Bull drafted Jimmy Butler. Jimmy is now a five-time NBA All-Star, three-time All NBA third team, four-time All-Defensive second team, and NBA most improved player in 2015.  


The old adage “hard work pays off” never seems wrong somehow. As the constant uphill battle of life and basketball, Jimmy has found a way to be on the peak of the hill. Fast forward to 2020 Jimmy lead the Miami Heat to the NBA finals this year. Butler faces off with King James tonight in game four. The Lakers lead the series 2-1. 

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