The Radical Debate?

As the first debate between Donald Trump  and Joe Biden comes to a close, it seems like the window for Trump is as well. In the hour and a half long debate hosted by moderator Chris Wallace was condoned, the two presidential candidates spoke on six topics of discussion (supreme court, COVID-19, economy, systematic racism/law and order, climate change, and election integrity) giving their points of view on the subjects. During the topics of speech Trump acted in a way most would refer to as a “child” speaking over the former Vice President and doing it constantly throughout the night, and even being called out by moderator Chris Wallace who asked the president to allow Biden to speak.


It was an embarrassment to the Trump campaign as the President looked at the debate as more of a way to attack opponent Joe Biden rather than address the issues and questions being asked. He claimed Biden didn’t do anything in the forty-seven years that he was in the senate, later adding the horrible job Biden did with the swine flu when he served as Vice President. But when analyzing COVID and the Swine Flu, the death toll between them is significantly far apart as COVID has taken away more lives than the swine flu did back in 2008 by over one hundred and ninety thousand plus, bringing Trump’s claim to a halt. And what came out of nowhere became a bullet point of the debate but not in a good way. The topic of racial justice opened up, and as time went on the title of “racist” came over Trump where he was asked to address the “white supremacists” saying “stand back and stand by”… Is there more to be said for him?


Looking at Biden, he exceeded what many democrats thought he was capable of doing. Which is maintaining sustainability in the debate between Trump. Even with the many attacks from Trump, Biden never gave in and lost himself. A prime example came when they addressed Trump’s military allegation comments about them being “losers and suckers” immediately Biden replied with “the way you talk about the military and them being losers and suckers. My son was in Iraq. He spent a year there, he got the bronze star, and the conspicuous service medal. He was not a loser! He was a patriot! And the people left behind were heroes!” and in a shocking statement Trump said “are you talking about hunter? I don’t know beau, I know hunter”. Never the less throughout the night Biden addressed his beliefs to the questions asked. When it came to the Supreme Court Judge, Biden believed the people should have a say “when they vote for who they want as United State Senators, and the President of the United States”. Soon after that, systematic racism became the topic, and Biden was quick to answer the question saying “yes there’s systemic injustice in this country, in education, work, and law enforcement and the way it’s enforced” adding “the vast majority of police officers are good, decent, honorable men. They risk their lives everyday to take care of us, but there are some bad apples” Biden said his plan as President would be “to have an entire group of civil rights groups, police officers and chiefs and work this out” to attempt to change the transparency. Even throughout the night Biden addressed the people of America as he would constantly look directly at the camera and speak to the Americans, so as the final topic which was election integrity he looked directly at the camera and said “show up and vote, you will determine the outcome of this election. Vote which ever way you can, he (Trump) can not stop you from determining the outcome of this election” Biden who fully supports mail-in ballots saying “there’s gonna be millions of people because of COVID who will be voting by mail-in ballots like he does” referring to Trump who votes by mail even though he claims the votes can be manipulated. 

Although some may argue it’s too early to call, it really isn’t as the debate has already set a bar for Americans looking to vote come November. And as the remainder of the debates are up in the air as President Trump has contracted COVID-19, the first debate was a prime example of the two. And if it didn’t open the eyes of Americans, I don’t know what will.

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