Civil Discourse- the VP Debate

As the first and only Vice Presidential Debate concluded, we can proudly say that it was civil. Although the two are of opposite views, they gave a tremendous amount of respect allowing each other to speak without interruption. From a fly, to confidence this debate showed a stance between the two that was in plain sight the whole night.

Throughout the night shots were taken at both Kamala Harris and current Vice President Mike Pence. For a short period it seemed as if Pence would take control of the debate, that was until Harris came out swinging. Immediately Harris called out Pence, hammering how poorly he and Trump handled the pandemic, telling Pence they knew about the dangers of the disease all the way back to January 28th, and adding that Pence allowed two hundred and ten thousand Americans to die as he is the head of the pandemic department at the White House. The one and main thing that stood out was the confidence Harris had towards her opponent, there were instances where Harris would call out Pence and he sat there just looking without anything to say. She kept her foot on the gas never allowing Pence to have the benefit of the doubt, although Pence looked at the camera a few times, he didn’t do it as frequently as Harris did. There came an instance where they began speaking about the Affordable Care Act and she looked in the camera and told Americans: “If you have a heart condition, diabetes, or are under 26 on your parent’s insurance. They’re coming after you” referring to the Trump Administration not renewing the Affordable Care Act.

Although the Vice President won’t have the same control as the President, they do represent what their higher up represents. A fly in literature is often seen as a sign of death and decay, so that being for Trump and Pence is good, and if Kamala Harris’s confidence is any interpretation as to how Joe Biden will be, this country is heading in a strong positive way.

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