Brahma Drama Podcast


Spooky season is about halfway over, but the theater department has a new podcast coming out, “The Brahma drama podcast” to help celebrate this very strange Halloween. The podcast will consist of all the students in theater telling a variety of scary stories, some related to the theater, and some well known scary stories. They are taking past events from teachers and students and bringing them to life through the podcast. 


We decided to create this Podcast as a way for us to express ourselves through the pandemic,” Matthew Ellinger, (Theater department officer) said. “As a Senior this is like our last performance in a way, so we are all trying our hardest for the best overall product.”


On the drama departments Tuesday and Thursday classes, they brainstorm ideas of scary stories, and use improv it from there. The class’ 5th and 6th period tech classes work to put together the podcast with the host and actors. 


There will be way more than one recorded piece on the podcast, but the first one will come out on Oct. 30, followed by more coming out about once a week. They will be promoted on the school website, the Mac Drama website, their Instagram page, and even their YouTube channel. 

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