Spurs Offseason Analysis

As the NBA season came to an end something else did as well. The twenty year long playoff appearance streak made by the San Antonio Spurs met it’s incredible end. Although it ended that doesn’t mean the future isn’t bright for the young and developing Spurs team. Today we look at why San Antonio will be a team to be reckoned with in the coming years. 


The youth is endless. . . 

For years the Spurs stuck to the blueprint of “build through the draft” and that’s what made them successful for the past 21 years. Which is why it looks so familiar now. 


In 2016, the Spurs took a chance on Washington Point Guard Dejounte Murray who lacked consistent offense, but shined as a floor general, and defensive anchor. Thus beginning the unseen “rebuild” of the Spurs. Murray who was limited his rookie year was able to shine in his second and third year molding himself to be the Starting Point Guard for years to come. Complementing Murray (Dejounte) in 2017, the Spurs drafted Guard Derrick White who wasn’t known to natives in San Antonio having played at Colorado the year before. In White’s (Derrick) second year with the Spurs he made a name for himself towards the end of the season heading into the playoffs. Derrick (White) became a primary focus on both ends of the floor putting up amazing numbers while giving Denver (Nuggets) a run for their money, until the Spurs ended up losing in a close game 7. Going with the trend in 2018, they drafted Guard Lonnie Walker IV, and in 2019, Forward Keldon Johnson. Now why mention both of them? Well that’s because both shined in the same season! Lonnie (Walker IV) had his breakout game back in December against Houston (Rockets) scoring 28 points and forcing two overtimes in what would end up being a Spurs victory. As tragedy struck with the unfortunate conditions caused by COVID-19 the season came to a halt causing a Hiatus, leaving fans wondering “what will happen now”.  So when the NBA made a “Bubble” the season continued. The Spurs heading in short handed relied on young players, including Keldon (Johnson). Johnson who played little to no minutes a game became a key player for the Spurs in the bubble, being the spark the team needed to heat up on both offense and defense. And although it’s unclear who San Antonio will look to pick in the coming draft, having the tandem of Dejounte (Murray), Derrick (White), Lonnie (Walker IV), and Keldon (Johnson) gives Spurs fans hopes that the future will be bright once again in San Antonio.


Trades on the horizon? 

As San Antonio (Spurs) looks to head in a direction they aren’t familiar with, it looks better than it sounds. Having players like DeMar (DeROZAN), LaMarcus (Aldridge), Rudy (Gay), and Patty (Mills) allows the Spurs to trade for young players from teams looking to stay competitive, along with draft picks. So with all the trade rumors surrounding the Spurs I made a few mock trades I think will help the team in coming years. 

Scenario #1 DeMar to Miami

Trade: Spurs receive Duncan Robinson, Solomon Hill, 1st round pick via miami for DeMar DeROZAN 


Scenario #2 DeMar goes Magic

Trade: Spurs receive Aaron Gordon, Mo Bamba, two 2nd round picks for DeMar DeROZAN, and Marco Belinelli


Scenario #3 LA to Philly 

Trade: Spurs receive Al Horford, Matisse Thybulle. Philly receives LaMarcus Aldridge, and Patty Mills  


As a fan of the Spurs the Philly trade is most appealing to me. It allows the Spurs to gain a young talented defensive player in Thybulle (Matisse) while getting Horford who’s deal is set to expire after the coming season, allowing the Spurs to release and make cap space to sign better players in the near future. 



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