Voting in SA

With Election Day just a short 12 days away, early voting has begun in San Antonio. Early voting here will last all the way through Oct. 30, so if you are 18 or older, make sure you go visit your local voting stations in San Antonio, here are a few locations; 


AT&T Center 

1 AT&T Center Parkway San Antonio TX 78219

Brookhollow Library 

530 Heimer Rd. San Antonio TX 78232

Castle Hills City Hall 

209 Lemonwood Dr. Castle Hills TX 78213

There are many different forms of submitting your ballot, by mail, in person, and even by being eligible for an absentee ballot. Make sure all your information is correct, you are 18 years or older,  and you are a US citizen. 

If you need to submit an absentee ballot, the requirements are; you must be 65 years or older, you will be out of the county on Election Day and during the period for early voting by personal appearance; or you are confined in jail, and if you have a disability. Visit Texas’ voting website to fill out a request, (due by Oct 23) to become eligible.  

Here in Texas early voting has been extended from Oct. 13- 30. If you’re voting in person, you must bring your ID or any proper identification card to assure that you are 18 years or older. 

Even if you’re a minor and cannot vote, you can still make a huge impact. Share information on voting early, talk to your parents and make sure they vote. If you have friends who are old enough to vote, let them know how important just one vote can be. Do as much as you can to get the word out, and present all resources. This election could be a huge moment in history, so help other people be a part of that. 


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