SA Weather: Four Seasons in One Day

Living in Texas is a challenge in itself, and then the weather comes in here and can never decide what temperature it wants to be at. For the month of November the weather is supposed to be a high of 72 degrees and a low of 49. That sounds nice, but someone tell me why I can go outside one day wearing a jacket and then the next I have to be wearing shorts because it’s hot?

Climate Change or Mother Nature?

Has climate change already impacted our weather, or is mother nature changing her mind everyday. According to scientists this is the hottest year so far, and we are suspected to have a dry winter. So if you’re expecting snow this year you’ve obviously never been to San Antonio. Mother Nature will throw in a cold front now and then, but less now and more then. 

Does your closet represent the weather’s confusion ? 

Have you ever noticed that during the “cool seasons” we still have shorts and t-shirts in our closets. This is supposed to be when we can change our clothes to long sleeves and pants that have dull colors because cold weather is depressing. We don’t have the opportunity to do this because we know how crazy the weather gets, and yet we still choose to live here. So the weather is as crazy as the people. 

Sometimes I wish we all had the same weather at the same time. Now thinking about it, it’s kind of boring to be like everyone else. So I’ll keep my Bipolar weather, but if it’s climate change then I take it back we have to change something.  

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