Students keep Christmas Spirit-McKinney-Vento Project

MacTeach, Student Council, and the senior class are looking for donations for the McKinney-Vento Homeless project food drive and are collecting canned goods. These donations will be used to help our community. You can donate non-perishable goods to the front office, but be quick because the last day for donations is Wednesday, Dec. 9. 

  Anyone who donates will receive a goody bag, and not only will you get a goody bag you also get the satisfaction of helping out your NEISD family.

“The donations will go to the families in the NEISD community” Student Council president, Lola Colin, said. 

Though they would like to limit corn, beans, and green beans they are still grateful to receive the donations they get.

“We took any non-perishable items that could help our families and community,” Colin said.

 The McKinney-Vento project started with Stewart B. McKinney created the assistance act of 1994, its a federal legislation that addresses the education of homeless children and youth. From there on people wanted to do more so we started food drives like the one we have right now. 

           “MacTeach, Senior class, and student council worked together for our NEISD homeless community,” Colin said.

During these times things have been hard. Regular routines have been completely changed, but students are trying to help. 

   “The food drive is an important event for many people especially now due to COVID. Many of our NEISD families have struggled during this time so being able to help them a little is a huge thing,” Colin said. “Student Council and MacTeach are here to help our students, campus and community.”

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