On that midnight of January 1st we had a sense of belief. Belief for a more normal year and no more COVID. We hoped for hope or a sign that things will get better, and what did we get? One of the greatest videos that has ever been made. 

The Treat People with Kindness video premiered which not only caused smiles, and also changed the tone for this new year. Not only did more people fall in love with him when we saw him in a rhinestone, glitter jacket, bowtie, and vest, but the message he had in this song has never been more needed than right now. This delightful treat that Harry Styles has besotted upon us has sparked a change. We might not see it now but it will come, and will change us for the better. 

We are going through it right now, the history of us. Our democracy is messy, people are dying every thirty seconds, and we’re stuck inside because of a pandemic. I mean it can’t get much worse. 

I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna take awhile, but we have to have hope for the future and for right now. We must try to be better, and like Harry is saying-always Treat People With Kindness.

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