A Day To Remember

The date is January 6th, 2021. It’s an average Wednesday of online school. The morning of, the U.S. Senate was set to vote and confirm Joe Biden’s Presidential victory. Moments later tragedy strikes as the Capitol is stormed and invaded. Here is my personal experience.

It’s 1:13 p.m. I get ready to log into my 3rd period class. As I begin to log into the zoom call I decide to turn on my TV and watch CNN to see the senate vote on the electoral college votes, but to my horror I’m met with thousands of Trump supporters surrounding the State Capitol. I turned away for a brief second to listen to Mr. Morrisey talk to the class about the lesson, and when I look up at the screen I see the supporters begin to break into the Capitol. Windows, doors, being shattered as they force their way through the blockade holding the doors. Horrible death chants towards Mike Pence, who refused to go against Joe Biden’s electoral victory can be heard. They were in the Capitol.

The images and videos of them destroying property inside the Capitol turned my stomach. The “Americans” that claimed to “back the blue” were attacking the blue,  even killing an innocent officer in the process. It was such a horror. I remember sitting in my chair and thinking to myself “why didn’t they use the same force on them like they did to the BLM protesters? We wanted equal rights… they’re sore losers over an election” it wasn’t fair. As coverage went on the final images I was left to see was the American flag being taken down and replaced with a Trump flag… and zooming out image of a noose off in the distance.

I understand, your candidate didn’t win and it hurts, but we’ve been in these shoes before. We adapted. So why can’t they? This is the United States Of America. Why can’t we stay united and equal?

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