The Stress of Online Drivers ED

The beauty and satisfaction of high school and getting older, getting to drive. Now many of you are probably like “but I’ve already driven, and it was easy”, but the really question is, was it legal?  For everyone who got a license during the pandemic, I salute. For everyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, you will eventually.

For people like me who are not #thriving during online school adding two extra hour of work does not vote well for my stress levels. With online school randomly giving us more work than we’d probably do in the classroom, work starts to pile up. Maybe it’s my fault but I’m not the time of person to admit that, so it’s not. What is my fault though is thinking I could do online driver’s ed classes at the same time. This is what I get for being being optimistic.

Though the driver’s ed classes are online, the teacher does his best to get us involved and participate in reading. When you sign up for classes they bring you a “Drive Right” book, drug and alcohol driving awareness worksheet, and a Texas Driver Handbook.  I have classes every Monday thru Thursday from 5pm to 7pm. Everyday we go over a different chapter in the “Drive Right” book, and answer the 32 questions at the end then turn it in on a Google doc.

I’m not saying that it’s hard work, but it’s just the pressure of all the, due today symbols at the top of the assignments. Maybe one day being able to handle this stress will benefit me when I’m faced with a similar problem. Though between online school assignments and drivers ed classes sometimes it can be hard to handle, but that’s the life of a teenager that wants to drive in the middle of a pandemic. So as they say “Suck it up buttercup “.

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