Take a Rib-bite: Frog Cake

This magnificent trend, that has been going around social media, has finally pressured me to try and make one. Now I will tell you how to decorate a frog cake.

Step one: Make a cake. Preferably in a round, medium depth pan.

After you complete this step things start to get difficult.

Step two: When the cake is cooled off, thinly coat the cake with buttercream icing. This will leave a crummy coat which is fine. After that, put the cake in the refrigerator.

Step three: Mix the food coloring with the excess icing. I chose blue but you can choose any color.

Step four: Take the cake out of the refrigerator and coat it with your colored icing, and try to cover up all the crumb layer. Make it as smooth as possible.

Step five (optional): Make different colors for the mushroom border around the cake. I made red, orange, yellow, and brown for the stem.

Step six (optional): Put a border of grass with green icing.

Step seven: Take the green icing from the grass, or make green icing and grab a paper plate. First, you want to try and figure out what shape your frog will be. Once you have your shape, try it on the cake.

Step eight: Either make dark-colored icing or do what I did and mix different food coloring in a bowl to make a dark color and use a toothpick. Either way should be fine.

Step nine: Embrace your cake. It may not look like mine, it may be better! Just appreciate the masterpiece that you’ve created.


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One thought on “Take a Rib-bite: Frog Cake

  1. Looks great! I bet it is yummy also. Very creative. I’ll be waiting patiently for my piece of frog cake. Excellent lesson plan very descriptive. Nice job.

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