Pros and Cons of 2021 STAAR Tests

STAAR testing has always been a stressful thought for students, but especially now with online learning and the pandemic. The STAAR test is planned to be held this semester in around April and May, but what are the benefits of taking or not taking the exam this year? 


Most students dread taking at the end of the year. Some students might get major test anxiety, and because of that, might get freaked out and forget things when taking the test. Students are prepared all year to take a test that sometimes decides whether they move up a grade or not. It’s supposed to determine a student’s knowledge based on one subject, but evaluating just one subject does not demonstrate a student’s full potential. We also have to consider the risk of in-person STAAR tests. With COVID numbers still going up, it’s not the safest idea to hold this test in person. 


We also have to take into consideration the stress it puts on teachers, some teachers get too focused on the material the test will ask about and don’t really teach in-depth things about the subject they’re teaching. 


Some of the pros of the STAAR test would be the fact that it could evaluate how students are doing with online learning. It could show if students are actually learning things from a subject and show their progress. They can also show which area students are struggling in, to see if they need to revisit those parts of the subject. 


Although the STAAR tests are planned to be taken this year, it’s important to remember these pros and cons. STAAR tests can benefit us, but also cause immense stress. 

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