COVID Safe Valentine’s Day Ideas

Every year when you flip past January on your calendar, couples start preparing for the Day of Romance, February 14. Valentine’s Day. Boys and girls alike rush to the stores to try and find a suitable gift to express their love. Chocolates, roses, and cards fly off the shelves the closer the day comes. Except, this year we’re in a pandemic. 

Obviously, things will be a little different (and more socially distanced), so here are some fun, romantic, and safe ideas for you and your boo this Valentine’s Day. 

Writing Love Letters

Time to light some candles, grab a pen and paper, and start writing a classic love letter. Take your time to pour out your heart, or write some cheesy poetry. If you feel comfortable, you could even read them aloud to each other over the phone. 

Even if you’re single! Write yourself a letter. You deserve it. 

Go Outdoors

Taking your date outdoors means less chance of catching the virus. You can take a romantic hike, go to your favorite park, or just walk around your neighborhood and whisper sweet nothings to each other. Just find an outdoor activity that you both enjoy! 

Single? Go out in the sun! You probably need it.

Virtual Movie Night

Call your significant other and put on a romantic comedy. It may not be the same as watching it in person together, but you can still joke and comment on the movie with your loved one. 

No matter what you and your boo decide to do, please continue to social distance and follow CDC Covid-19 regulations. We can still have an amazing Valentine’s Day even while social distancing. 

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