Is It Really Valentine’s Day Anymore?

Every year guys and girls face a tough task. What should they get their partner for Valentine’s Day? To be fair, it is tough to decide. This can be for many reasons. Either their partner is not materialistic, they don’t care what you get them, meaning they’ll be happy with whatever you get them, or the person is very picky and wants something specific. And they don’t want cheap things, but rather something expensive. That can be the case for many as the partner may seem like they’ll be happy with whatever, but when you give them their gift they aren’t happy. Things like this make it difficult for the partner to decide on a gift.

I believe it’s the people who are materialistic that kill the entire purpose of the holiday. Rather than showing how much their significant other means to you it becomes a competition on who gives most expensive gift. It can make whoever put thought, rather than money, into the gift feel bad when you may not try to do so. It’s mainly the newer generation that does this. The older generation set the example of the thought that counts type of gifts. 

In no way is this to discourage people from buying whatever they want. No. But rather remind them that Valentine’s Day is a day to remind the person you’re with how much you love them, and what they mean to you, not see who gets the other person the most expensive gift. So when trying to figure out what to get your significant other just remember it’s the thought that counts.

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