Sweet Enough For Your Sweet Heart?

Pink and red hearts have been up in stores since December, but it’s finally time for the Day of Romance, Valentine’s Day. Whether you believe this day is a romantic once a year thing or a capitalist scheme to get your money, you can’t deny that the sales in the candy aisles are a pretty good reason to stock up on sweets. Of course not all of the festive desserts will be palatable so I decided to try some out. 

The first dessert I tried was a red velvet brownie from H-E-B. It had a small lingering sweet smell that wasn’t very overpowering. The chocolate was rich and dark. The small dollop of icing was sweet to complement how dark the cocoa was. The sprinkles were messy but not too bad. I definitely started with a yummy treat.  

The next treat I tried was an assortment of cookies that I bought from Wal-mart. They all tasted a bit stale but were still edible compared to some of the desserts I’ve tried for previous holidays. They were extremely crunchy and crumbly. There was a chocolate chip cookie that tasted only like chocolate. One covered in powdered sugar that was a bit too sweet, a “chocolate” cookie which tasted like tree nuts. There was also a plain sugar cookie in the shape of a heart. While it was very aesthetically pleasing the taste still isn’t the best. 

Finally I got a cheap chocolate dog that seemed a little too cheap to be very good. I tried it and it was sweet. It wasn’t very chocolatey but it was decent. Not something I would recommend but if you’re looking for a gift for less than a dollar it’ll work. 

Whatever sweets you and your boo get to celebrate make sure they’re at least as decent as the red velvet cupcakes. 

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