An Uncertain Democracy

Yes, I know. We barely elected a new President of the United States, but it still excites me to think about what the future holds for both the Republican and Democratic parties. We should know by now that it’s a 99 percent chance that Joe Biden will not run again after his first term leaving the office job up in the air for both parties. So where does it go from there?

For the Republican party, rumors have been spreading high that former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will attempt another run at the job and personally I’m all for it. Recently Romney has gone from right to in the middle picking common sense over the party’s reputation. Also on the horizon is former Vice President Mike Pence who also chose the constitution of the United States over the wrongdoing of the President he served under. And lastly Trump… and I don’t mean the 45th President. No. I mean his son Donald Trump Jr. one that would bring a wide spread of support from Trump supporters wanting the name to be held back in the White House.

Now for the Democratic Party, the most obvious candidate would be current Vice President Kamala Harris, although in this case, I don’t believe she will make it far in the primaries very similar to her last run. Secondly would be Andrew Yang who is currently running for Mayor of New York, his last run had him in the final primary as he became a beloved member of the Democratic Party. And lastly is a heavy favorite in the party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Senator from New York has made her case as one of the strongest women in the house, and I strongly believe when the time comes she’ll win the endorsement from the Democrats. 

So as we wait another three years for the primaries to come up that doesn’t stop us from predicting the future. It’ll be very hard to decide who will lead the country by then. 

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