Boot Scootin’ Boogie?

Poor Boogie Cousins.

It seems like the former All-Star center can never catch a break when it comes to being on a team. First, his skid in Sacramento ended after a trade to New Orleans that looked to better his career until the drastic injury that sidelined him for that year’s playoffs, and soon after in the summer ended up signing with the Golden State Warriors after failing to come to an agreement on a new contract with the Pelicans. In his first year with the Warriors, Boogie would come down with yet again another injury that would sideline him until his return in that year’s playoffs where the Warriors would lose to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals. 

That same offseason Demarcus would take his talents to the newly built Lakers team who just acquired a familiar friend of his in Anthony Davis who he became fond of during his time in New Orleans, but in a pattern of repeat Cousins would face yet another set back after re-injuring his ACL during a Lakers practice and in the months following Cousins would be released to sign someone who could fill his role. Now headlining sports his Cousins release from Houston.

I believe Cousins’s time is running out to keep himself relevant in the NBA. After two releases the former All-Star is slowly running out of options in a league that is drastically changing, with no one wanting to sign the big due to his past injuries, I believe there is only one place that the two can benefit from, and that’s in San Antonio.

This season the Spurs have struggled with rebounding but are yet still a top four seed in the western conference WITHOUT having an All-Star. Cousins being thrown into the rotation would both add rebounding and floor spacing with his ability to not only shoot the three but pass and dribble the ball at an excellent level. In the past, the Spurs have shown they’re capable of reviving a career. For example, Dwayne Dedmon would sign with the Spurs a few years back is thriving in Atlanta making more money than in his previous deals, and the same goes for Johnathan Simmons who was a G league player who signed a bigger deal with Orlando following his two years in San Antonio where he had a show out for the Spurs in one of their playoff runs following the Kawhi Leonard injury.

Although San Antonio may not be a preferred destination for Cousins, it may be his last chance to revive his career. With one of the best shooting staff, and arguably the greatest coach in NBA history, Coach Pop would gain a hidden gem in Cousins and look to shine that gem up again.

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