Spurs Trade Deadline

Another year passes the seven-year trade drought for the San Antonio Spurs continues. That streak could end this year. Last week the Spurs and LaMarcus Aldridge agreed he would not return to the team, and both sides would look for a trade to move the 34-year-old Power Forward. 

As the days countdown for a trade to occur, Spurs fans fear the team will refer to a buyout over getting valuable assets in return, which looks to be the case.  Thus far this season San Antonio has struggled with rebounding and interior defense due to the lack of size on the roster, but that all could change with one even trade with The Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Trading for 27-year-old Andre Drummond who is a former All-Star and has averaged 10+ rebounds and 1.1 blocks a game would bring a huge boost to a team looking to add size, and the benefit would be Drummond is on an expiring contract after this season which opens up the cap space for the team. Drummond would fit right into Coach Pops old school system of play. Which is pass the ball till you find the open man, and play some hard defense.

So as the NBA trade deadline nears. I suggest the Spurs obtain rather than lose.

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