The issues with “Ginny Georgia”

On Feb. 24, 2021, Netflix released a new show, “Ginny and Georgia”. The show took off well, making it on to the Top 10 list of most-watched shows in the US on Netflix. The show is almost a modern-day “Gilmore Girls”, featuring a young single mother, (Georgia), who gave birth to her now teen daughter, (Ginny), at only 15. After years of moving from place to place due to Georgia’s love interests, they finally settle down in a small town called Wellsbury, Massachusetts. It demonstrates the struggles the family goes through and has gone through in their constantly changing lives.  But, although the show is very popular and really binge-worthy, there are many controversial issues in the show that need to be addressed.

There are many problems this show never justified or revisited, racist remarks, self-harm, financial fraud, and many more. Georgia’s daughter Ginny is mixed-race, as she is white and her father, Zion, is black. Although it shouldn’t, this leads to many racist comments made towards Ginny in the show that are never revisited. Her friends say a couple of racist things to her, and even her English teacher acts racist towards her in class. These incidents are never solved or talked about, and the show keeps going as if nothing happened. There are also a couple of scenes in which Ginny self-harms. This is barely talked about except for a very short scene at the end of the show. 

The show also shows us the type of mom Georgia is. As the show goes on, we continuously learn about all of Georgia’s secrets. It’s revealed that everything she does for Ginny and her younger son Austin, is to protect them, but what she does is clearly not things a mom should be doing, especially as a role model for her children. Georgia does not set the best example for her kids, and they know that. 

The first season of the show has already been released, but if the show is renewed on Netflix for a second season, I believe they should further address these issues, and more so we can have a better understanding of the show altogether. 


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