Trying Boba

Bubble tea (boba), is a Taiwanese cold drink made with tea, sweetened milk or other flavorings, and balls or “pearls” of tapioca.  

Tong’s Thai

The First location was Tong’s Thai restaurant. When you arrive you can’t go in so I ordered outside and asked for a regular milk boba because that’s what came up first when I searched the most asked for flavor. It was about seven dollars for a large. When they gave it to me it was warm on the bottom and cold on the top which was weird. I just thought it was cold all the way through. My first sip was harsh. The flavor hits you as soon as it enters your month which usually is a good thing but not this time. After it went down the aftertaste wasn’t so bad. You can automatically taste the milk and a strong nutmeg flavor. It reminded me of the coffee creamers they give you at the restaurants. Not only was the flavor strong but the actual boba part was weird. When it was in my mouth I wanted to spit it out. It was very slimy and I was disgusted. I didn’t get a flavor from them besides the tea. In total, I’d give this a 4/10. The tea was strong and only had a good after taste, but the boba was too slimy. 

Kung Fu Tea

After Tong’s Thai we went to Kung Fu Tea. I was able to get down and order inside. I got a medium for about five dollars. They had a menu I could look at, but because I wanted the same flavor as the first one I got milk tea again. When I got this drink it was also warm at the bottom and cold at the top so I guess they heat up the boba then put it in the drink. The first sip of this one was way different than the first one. Granted it was basically the same flavors, this one had a citrus taste to it. Also, the flavor of the tea wasn’t as strong as the first one. It was smooth and not only the tea but the boba part too. The boba was not slimy and I could actually eat it unlike the first one where I had to convince myself. In total, I would give this a 6/10. It wasn’t bad but I personally wouldn’t try that flavor again. 


For my first time trying Boba it’s wasn’t a bad experience, but it also wasn’t the best. The places I tried were too different types of establishments so I’ll stick to ones like Kung Fu Tea where they specialize in boba and different teas. Next time I try boba, I will definitely try a different flavor. In a general total for milk boba tea I’d give it a solid 5/10.

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