How Travis Scott Has Changed What It means To Be A Rapper

The Houston Texas native, Jacques Webster, better known as Travis Scott, has made a name for himself inside and out of the rap game since his debut album “Rodeo” in 2015, and it seems that he hasn’t looked back since. His first album was a major hit, mixing this era of rap with the popular Houston sound with many features from big-name artists like The Weeknd, Kanye West, Quavo, Justin Bieber, Young Thug, and many more. The album went 4x platinum and is known as one of the best Trap albums of all time.

But unlike most rappers, Travis turned his fame from music to being able to create his own brand by making his own label, Cactus Jack. With this label, he has been able to put out music on his label and have his freedom of creativity. Later that year, Travis went on to release his biggest project “Astroworld” in 2018. It went #1 in the US billboard charts and also went triple platinum. This made Travis Scott a mainstream name, not just in rap but in music. It also helped him land a feature in the SuperBowl halftime show. 

That same year, he had a worldwide tour,and also had a surprise in store for his fans. Astrofest is Travis Scott’s music festival that is held in Houston Texas on the same grounds where Astroworld used to be. The festival makes you feel like you were a part of the album with performers on many stages along with carnival rides, and food.It made Houston locals feel like kids again back at Six Flags Astroworld. The festival was a hit and Travis now hosts one every year around October. He didn’t get to host one in 2020 due to covid but that didn’t stop Travis from delivering to his fans. He had a virtual concert in the video game Fortnite that featured an animated version of Travis Scott that earned him and Fortnite 20 million dollars and set a record for the most people logged in the game at once. 

But with fame, it seems like you only stay relevant so long without putting yourself out there. Even though Travis has not put out an album since 2018 he is still really relevant from how many other things outside of music he has been doing. Have you ever had a Travis Scott meal? At Mcdonalds, for a limited time, you could order his signature meal which was a quarter pounder with lettuce and bacon, fries, BBQ sauce, and a sprite. Or maybe you have heard of his new hard hard seltzer that is at stores everywhere in the US. Maybe your more of a fashion person well why not buy some of Travis Scott’s jordan1’s or anything from his Cactus jack clothing line. It seems like everywhere you look he has something to advertise himself off of. 


This is the reason I feel like Travis has changed the stereotype of being a rapper and everything that comes with it as he has turned himself into more of a businessman throughout his whole career. From being one of the first Houston rappers to be grammy-nominated to being the first person to have his meal at McDonald’s. Travis is firing at all cylinders and there seems to be no stop coming soon as he announced his album Utopia will be coming out sometime in 2021

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