Summer 2021 for vaccinated people

As we are quickly approaching summer, everyone is wondering what it will look like in terms of COVID. Last summer, we were all still in quarantine with little hope on when this would be over. Although it’s still not over, it’s better. More and more people are being vaccinated everyday, and the numbers are going down. So does this mean summer will be back to normal. 


If you’re vaccinated, the answer is yes. Vaccinated people can be with 1 non-vaccinated person, and don’t have to wear masks if they’re outdoors alone. Getting the vaccine is crucial if you want to have a somewhat normal summer this year. And, the vaccine was just released to kids ages 12-15, which means younger teens are now able to get it. This is great news because once the majority of the US is vaccinated, things will start getting much better. This summer should be the start to easing our way back to normal. 


After more than a year of this pandemic taking over our lives, it’s beginning to look like schools will be in person next year and more places will start opening this summer. I’m sure we all just want summer to be one of the best, and it’s very possible it could be. Make sure to stay safe and get vaccinated so you can fully enjoy the summer. 

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