What To Expect From Your Vaccine.

Children ages 12 and older have now become eligible for the Pfizer vaccine as of May 10, 2021. In light of this, some may not know what to expect after their first and second doses. Here’s my own personal experience to give those people an idea of what you may feel after your doses.

I received my first dose at 16 years old, with no autoimmune diseases or any health complications. Following my dose, I felt fine the first day. The next morning, I experienced soreness in my arm at the injection site, but after taking the recommended dosage of acetaminophen, the pain was bearable. I was also groggy throughout the day, but the following day I was back to normal.

I received my second dose three weeks later, and this time my reaction was a bit more severe. While my arm didn’t hurt, I had a headache the day following the injection and my tiredness was more extreme. I also experienced body aches for two days, but on the third day I felt back to normal.

These small scale symptoms were definitely worth it, and after the symptoms subsided, I have felt completely fine. Of course everyone’s experience with the vaccine is different but if you are able to, go for it. It’s definitely worth it. 


Vaccine sites and their addresses are available at https://covid19.sanantonio.gov/Services/Vaccination-for-COVID-19 


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