Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby is a new addition to the Macarthur Plaza where you can get a quick hot or cold snack. I believe this is the best addition since The Last Slice. Not only conveniently located near the school (across the ditch) but also a refreshing break from the sweltering Texas heat.   

After visiting the Ice Ice baby snack shop I was blown away with the flavor and design.  After my first time, I knew I had to have it again, but this time I got something a little different. Instead of getting a regular cherry snow cone,  I got the candy rainbow snow cone which came with all the colors of the rainbow and a stick with a sour straw which was topped off with two gummy bears. For a size small you get a lot of bang for your buck. They really pack it full of shaved ice. And unlike other snow cone spots they make sure the entire snow cone is covered with the syrup flavoring. 

When walking into the building you get a nice cool down from the scorching sun. It’s at that temperature not only because of the heat outside, but to keep the ice cream and ice at a cool temperature. The left half of the shop is where the food materials are while you walk to the end to give your order. It’s almost as if you’re in a lunch line and at the end you pay for your food. 

Ice Ice Baby is my newest favorite snack shop beating the Fruteria Los Trejo. Their taste and their quality are both matching in flavor. Still, I’d go to Ice Ice Baby simply for the convenience of being so close. I also believe that when looking for cold beverages or snacks Ice Ice Baby is going to have more options than the Fruteria where they’re more focused on the fruit dishes. 

 Although I have only tried the snow cones, I know that my friends have tried other things like the mangonadas and ice cream brownies. They had not one complaint with it and have also been many times. The choice is yours, ranging from sweet to spicy, to salty. So the next time you walk home take a stop in Ice Ice Baby and try a snack or a beverage to cool you down. 


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