Meet the Principal

For most students, the principal’s office is the last place you want to go. That’s not the case with the new principal, Mr. Joaquin Hernandez.

“I’ll try to be fair with y’all,” Mr. Hernandez said. “I’ll try to be open, and I’ll try to create as many opportunities as I can.”

As a way to create more opportunities, Mr. Hernandez is planning on adding spring pep rallies to the agenda for the spring sport athletes. 

“I was a football player in high school,” Mr. Hernandez said. “A football player in college as well. They shouldn’t be the only ones that get pep rallies. My daughter is a swimmer and there are no pep rallies for swimming. I think there are going to have to be things that we do in the spring to get those athletes fired up as well. It may not be the same kind of pep rallies but it will be something.”

So far, his greatest challenge has been learning the systems and long-held traditions. He has tried to build connections with the students by being himself.

“I think for kids to have a good high school experience, it needs to be more than just books. It has to be more than just class,” Mr. Hernandez said. “Students need to figure out what their niche is and they can’t do that if they don’t have options. Here at Mac, we have options.” 

Mr. Hernandez has one important goal in mind- to be the best. 

“I wear my Mac pride on my sleeve,” Mr. Hernandez said. “That’s what drives me in what I do every day. I want the best program for kids.”


For him, it’s full circle from graduating from MacArthur High School in Houston to becoming the principal of MacArthur, San Antonio. 

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