Fright Fest Back for 2021

In celebration of Halloween and fall festivities, Six Flags Fiesta Texas puts on Fright Fest annually. Last year because of COVID, Fiesta Texas wasn’t able to put on their full event, but still won the Golden Ticket Award for Best Halloween Event with Fright Fest’s replacement, Hallowfest. This year though, Fright Fest is back to its full form and I got to visit on Sunday, the 12th.

At 7 o’clock in the park’s Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheater, I attended “The Awakening” show, where all the park’s monsters eventually show up and spread out to the spots of their respective haunts. This show is a really unique way to begin each night and a lot different from “The Arrival” event at the train station that used to begin each night.

The first of the haunted houses that I got to do was The Houngan House of Voodoo, which ended up being the scariest of all the haunts. A priest at the front guides you into the house, but leaves you alone as shaded figures pop out of each corner of a very dark maze.

After rushing out of the house, I found myself directly in the middle of Wicked Hallow, one of the park’s scare zones. This zone has been there for years and hasn’t changed much, with Black Plague like doctors and witches roaming around the area. 

I then moved on to the Crackaxle Canyon area of the park, which had 4 different haunts. The first is Fear Acres, which takes you into the water park and is filled with characters such as bloody farmers and goat-headed people. For a scare zone, this was a really interactive haunt and ended up being my favorite out of all the scare zones. Next was Slaughterhouse 6, which used to be my favorite haunt with the strobe lights and hard-to-navigate, but it felt oddly empty this year. The Buried Alive haunted house was right next to it and had the best setup out of all the houses, with a haunted mine cave setting, and the group I went in with included a small toddler who turned out to be the bravest toddler I’ve ever seen. Our small group completed the whole maze without one scream from the little boy.

My group and I then decided to ride the revamped Poltergeist roller coaster, which has new colors and a brand new line. The theming in the line makes you feel like you’re on the property of an actual haunted house, and the fresh green colors look amazing. In the back of the park, the haunts are the classic RockKill High School that takes you into a zombie infested high school, and the CarnEvil 3D maze that’s filled with maze while you wear 3D glasses. The high school has always been one of the best haunted houses at Six Flags, and I had a great time in that house. On the other hand, the 3D glasses don’t provide that much effect for the CarnEvil haunt, and that house falls short of the other ones. In the very back of the park, there’s the Hell Valley Cemetery scare zone, which was another great standout scenery that I really enjoyed. I went through it twice and even got my sister to go with me the second time, who normally would never go through any of the haunts.

Six Flags’s standout Halloween event is great again this year, and the must-do attractions are the Houngan House of Voodoo, RockKill High School, and Hell Valley Cemetery. I would recommend anyone to go with a group of friends and have a great time celebrating Halloween.

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