Fest Turned to Bash-Brahma Bash

The annual fall festival hosted by PALS formerly known as Mactoberfest has been renamed to Brahma Bash. After talking with the community the name was voted on, which brings the name Mactoberfest to a bittersweet end. 

“We would go to our former principal every couple years and see what he thought. And because it was tradition he wanted to keep that tradition going,” PALS sponsor Mr. Schwartz said. “I think people have come to expect it and expect it to be called Mactoberfest. With the arrival of our new principal, we decided it would be a good year to try to change it again.”

Originally called Springfest (because it was held in the spring) on the old band practice field, the festival was moved to the fall of 2011 and named Mactoberfest. Now, the tradition stays alive, it just got a new name.

The preparations are taking place and the advertising has begun. It’s a lot of work, but Mr. Schwartz is optimistic throughout it. 

“We’ve got a committee of six PALS that are in charge of the event,” Mr. Schwartz said, “we have been working on t-shirt designs, so we got that set and now we’re working on reaching out to sponsors and teachers to see what tables and booths they wanna come up with this year.” 

Profits from the Bash will be donated to The Heart Smiles. The Heart Smiles is a charity that provides Ghanaian children who come from poverty, have special needs, or live as orphans a better home. 

 “There’s a lot of work on the front end but once we get to that night usually it’s a lot of fun,” Mr. Schwartz said.



Wednesday, Sept. 29


4:30- 6:30 p.m.

Advance admission is $1. At the door is $2 (Tickets will cost $.50)

If you buy a t-shirt, admission is free!

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