Who Took The Last Slice?

Throwing a large rock through the front door, two suspects were caught on camera robbing our neighboring establishment, The Last Slice. On Sept. 15, the thieves took money from the register drawer and caused a lot of damage.  They got away with less money but caused $1,200 in damage.

“They stole about $800 and caused about $1,200 in damage,” the owner, Alejandro Perez said. 

Cameras were set up so that robbers could be seen on video even if it was in a dark area. 

“Cameras are definitely something that is super important to have, so that way we can find out who it was,” Perez said.  

The suspects still haven’t been caught so if you know anything please send a message to 847411 (tip411).

“Everyone steals from every part of town. People just know where to steal from when there’s no lighting,” Perez said.

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