Drive To Save A Life

A blood drive was hosted by JROTC in which anyone was free to volunteer to donate on Tuesday. The event was held inside the JROTC building, with many student and adult volunteers helping to both organize the event and donate blood themselves.

“I wanted to help the people of San Antonio who are desperate or low on blood,” volunteer for the event, senior Garrett Conger said. “We’ve gotten over 80 sign-ups which is good. This also gives the students the opportunity to donate blood.” 

Conger also donated blood himself, and the experience was very effective and easy for him. Anyone can donate blood to give back and help people waiting in line for donations.

“I’ve had family members that have needed blood before and have relied on others for that, and so it’s only right for me to give back,” Conger said. “It was quick and painless. It took less than an hour, and then I was done.” 

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