Squid Game Review

Netflix has released many amazing binge-worthy shows, and also some pretty bad ones, but this month Netflix released a new Korean show called “Squid Game”. The show was released on Sept. 15, and since then has reached number one on Netflix US’s top ten list, and has received amazing reviews. 

It takes a lot for me to be able to binge-watch a show, but with this one, I was instantly hooked. The show is about a bunch of people who live in Korea that are severely in debt, given the opportunity to play a big game which consists of six different games, for a chance to win up to ₩45.6 billion won. But little do the contestants know, if they can’t complete a game or don’t follow the game’s rules, they will be killed. The game almost mimics a “survival of the fittest” vibe, as players make their own teams among themselves as the show goes on. The game begins with 456 players, but with each game more and more are eliminated, which increases the amount of money the remaining players can win. 

All the players stay in a room filled with enough beds for each of them, with a giant glass piggy bank that hangs from the ceiling in the middle. The piggy bank gets filled with more money after each game, and after players are eliminated. Each episode seems to get more and more suspenseful and it makes you never want to stop watching. 

Be prepared to become very familiar with the “next episode” button on your Netflix as you watch the show. The show is incredibly binge-worthy, I spent my whole weekend watching it non-stop, and it was so worth it. One of the best things about this show is how many characters it gets you rooting for, as the number of players decreases I found myself hoping they would all be able to win the money. The last couple of episodes end in crazy cliffhangers that keep you wanting to watch more. The show consists of nine episodes, each about an hour long. There is speculation of a second season to come, but since the show was just released, we probably have a while until that rumor is confirmed, until then the first season is streaming on Netflix in Korean, or English dubbed.


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