Freshman Wins $1000 Art Scholarship

Art student Cheyenne McBane, a freshman, was selected as the a winner of the 2021 STRIVE Art Inspire $1000 scholarship for her art piece “The Colors of Culture”.

“My jaw dropped,” McBane said. “The email was sent to me right in the middle of a lecture.

The Strive Together Art Inspire Scholarship is aimed to future young artists and their voices. This year, the StriveTogether organization has awarded this scholarship to twelve different San Antonio area artists.

“The Colors of Culture” by Cheyenne McBane

“It was last second,” McBane said. “It takes up a lot of free time, so I had to make room for it. I almost didn’t do it.”

The winners will have their artwork displayed at the 2021 Cradle to Career Convening and citywide youth exhibition hosted by Say Si and Our Tomorrow this December.

“I just thought I would turn in something and see what happens,” McBane said. “I did not see this coming. I did not expect to win. I’m blessed honestly.”

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