Attention To Detail Q+A: Matt Castillo

When you think of teenagers working, what do you think of? Babysitting, fast food, retail. Those are most likely a few of the things that come to mind, but in this day and age people of all ages are looking to work for themselves rather than a big company. Most would think it would be way too difficult to start their own business especially at such a young age but nothing is ever impossible. Senior Matt Castillo did by starting Matt’s Auto Detailing, his own business during a pandemic detailing cars. I took a moment to talk to him about owning a business and everything that comes along with it.

Q: What made you choose car detailing as your business venture? 

A: “I feel like there are a lot of people that use their car every day but don’t have the time to clean their cars. I love seeing the reaction from my customers after they see their clean car.”

Q: Why did you decide to work for yourself instead of trying to find somewhere to get a job?

A: “I really needed a way to make good money fast, and I didn’t enjoy working retail so I just decided starting my own business would be better for me.” 

Q: What did the beginning stages of everything look like with trying to decide what direction you wanted to take your business in?

A: “It all started on Facebook by reaching out to family who was interested in getting me a start. From there they helped me a lot by spreading the word . social media was a huge help and helped me share my work.”

Q: What are the biggest challenges you have faced with your business?

A: “The biggest challenge I’ve come across is sometimes it is very hard to find customers. With something like car cleaning, it’s not a situation where the cars come to you. You have to branch out and meet new people to gain new clientele.”


If you or anyone you may would be interested in reaching out to Matthew here is his Instagram


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