D-Wing Elevator Operation Postponed

Since Sept. 29 the D Wing Elevator has been non-operational, forcing students with accessibility issues to either use the B-C elevator or find another way to get to the top floors in the main building. Despite the inconvenience, students and staff with mobility issues are still able to access every part of the school. 

“There is nothing that’s inaccessible for students,” assistant principal Mr. Drew Clewett said. 

To prioritize the safety of students who need elevator access, the school offers passes to those students to get out early before the big groups of students are released from class. 

“Oftentimes they’ll work with another student to assist them to get from one place to another,” Mr. Clewett said. “Of course they’re always allowed to have whatever equipment they need, in terms of if they have a wheelchair or crutches or anything like that.”

For any students looking to get access to elevator passes, a doctor’s note is needed to check in with the nurse, and the student can receive the pass for extended passing periods.

“They go in and register with the nurse and the nurse will give them all those passes…they just need to put down a deposit and the nurse will give them the passes that they need,” Mr. Clewett said.

As for a timeline for the repair on the elevator, Mr. Clewett said the school is waiting for another couple of weeks because there’s a part that got sent off to get repaired. 

“As soon as the school receives the part from the outside vendor, the elevator will be operated on to get back up and running as soon as possible,” Mr. Clewett said.

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