Mid Season Heisman Watch List

This college football season has been a little all over the place. We have Georgia who looks like they are about to have a perfect season, the extremely awkward quarterback battle between Caleb Williams and Spencer Rattler, a school like Cincinnati being the number two team in the country over powerhouses like Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio State. Sadly, Texas still isn’t back. Yet, through all of this, there have been many players across the country that have shown their skill on the gridiron. Now that we’re about halfway through the season here are the players that have caught my eye so far.


Bijan Robinson, Running back ,University of Texas

Sophomore Bjian Robinson just might be the best player in the country. Robinson has had 1,131 yards from scrimmage along with 13 touchdowns this year. But that’s not the thing that makes me love Robinson’s game, it’s the fact he looks like he thinks a step ahead with everything he does on the field. He turns plays that should be negative yards to positive ones all while making defenders look silly. Sadly, Texas is not back and doesn’t seem to have their footing quite yet. And with a 4-3 season. If Texas keeps dropping games like that, then it will take him out of even being a candidate.

Bryce Young, Quarterback, University of Alabama

Alabama quarterbacks have been and always will be set up for success under coach Nick Saban and his system. Sophomore quarterback, Bryce Young, is taking full advantage of that by being the frontrunner for the Heisman. Young is a pass-first quarterback that has shown little to no weakness with his 2,453 yards through the air along with 26 on the season with the second best quarterback in the country. If Alabama keeps playing the way they have been playing in my mind, Young will end up in New York City with the trophy.

Matt Corral, Quarterback, Ole Miss

When I think of an ideal college football quarterback, Matt Corral has every charistic of it in his game. He has a gunslinging arm, the ability to turn positive yards out of broken plays, mobility to get you the first down and an arm to make big time throws across the field. Corral is able to make big plays with his arm and his mobility. He currently averages almost 2,000 yards on the season and 15 touchdowns. Keep an eye out for Matt Corral.

C.J. Stroud, Quarterback, Ohio state University 

Perfection. That’s the only way I can describe C.J. Stroud’s game. If you need something done he will find a way to do it with little to no error. To me he looks like a NFL quarterback playing college. The true freshman quarterback currently has the best QBR in the country and seems to fix all the hiccups he has had earlier in the season. Stroud is leading #5 Ohio State to a college playoff bound season while making it look easy. If he keeps that first place QBR while leading Ohio State to more wins, the Heisman will also come with a National Championship in my eyes.  

Kenneth Walker III, Running back, Michigan State 

Typically in college football, transfers take some time to adjust to their new teams. Transfers often have little to no success due to the struggles of having to learn a new offense and trying to find a place within the team. After transferring from Wake Forest to Michigan State, Walker has hit the ground running and is playing the best football of his career. In his debate game with the Spartans, Walker rushed for 250 yards and four touchdowns. He kept a good pace the rest of his season. If his Spartans can upset Walker’s Ohio State Buckeyes and stay undefeated, expect to hear Walker’s name in the Heisman conversation.

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