The History of Tom Jones Review

“The History of Tom Jones”, a two-act comedy, was presented by the theater department and ran Oct. 28-30 in the Brady Auditorium.

In this play, we follow the play’s namesake, Tom Jones. Tom (played by Riley Patterson) is the illegitimate ward of Squire Allworthy (Jonathan Thompson), who is in love with his beautiful neighbor Sophia (Jade Rucker), betrothed to Blifil (Parker Veltman), Allworthy’s sniveling heir. Since Tom is seduced by most women and nearly murdered by all of the men, it’s not a surprise to find him in the gallows at the end of this fast-paced comedy.

“The History of Tom Jones” was the most dramatic play I’ve seen. The fight scenes were fantastic and the actors really convinced the audience that there was a building or structure when there was nothing on stage. The storyline was full of twists and turns. It made me gasp many times. The actors made the audience not want to look away for a second because they’re afraid they might miss something.

The twist of Molly (Carmen Mihleder) being pregnant was a jaw-dropping scene. We then are shocked to find out she wasn’t just sleeping with Tom.

Tom falls in love with Sophia. After they share their first kiss, they have pulled apart because Sophia’s aunt thinks she’s in love with Blifil.

 I believe this play was a fantastic display of what the fine arts department can do.

The musical they’re going to have during January will probably be even more spectacular with musical numbers and a much larger cast. They will probably put on more amazing performances from here on out. I advise that you go to check out “Bye Bye Birdie” when it runs in January. The auditions for the show are being held Monday, Nov.  8, 4:30-6:30 on the second floor of the PAC building.

“The History of Tom Jones” Cast List in Order of Appearance

Fielding: Noah Hernandez

Servants: Griffin Candland, Jay Jones, Kamilla Diaz, Laney Schwartz, Luis Delatorre, Maya Fragozo, Sofia Marrufo, and Ximena Nunez

Bridget: Alyssa Lewis

Wilkens: Arwen Loxsom

Allworthy: Jonathan Thompson

Jenny: Hannah Plummer-Ballew

Partridge: Noah Hernandez

Square: Brandon Joseph

Thwackum: Xander Robinson

Tom Jones: Riley Patterson

Blifil: Parker Veltman

Molly: Carmen Mihleder

Western: Eliel Muniz

Sophia: Jade Rucker

Honour: Jocelynn Shae

Doctor: Elijah Deltoro

Judge Dowling: Logan Zimmerman

Ms. Western: Teagan Leader

Highwayman: Elijah Deltoro

Harriet: Amalie Gudbrand

Fitzpatrick: Damien Edwards

Innkeeper: Luis Delatorre

Innkeeper’s Wife: Mya Barrera

Bellaston: Rachel Moore

Bellaston’s Maid: Sabrina Suarez

Hangman: Johnmaxx Martinez



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