Veteran’s Day

Yesterday, the JROTC classes stood on the sidewalk of MacArthur View holding flags in honor of Veteran’s Day. Each student was dressed head to toe in their uniforms.

“Veteran’s Day is important to me because we want to salute what the past veterans did to protect our country and those who served,” junior Daniela Bermea said. “We stood there and honored our flag.”

The JROTC students stood outside at parade rest for over an hour and a half as their fellow students walked onto campus.

“I think it’s a really great thing that we’re honoring our community,” junior Esias White said. “My grandma served in the military for twenty years so I want to follow in her footsteps.”

This day is important to many on our campus as we have multiple veteran teachers, and many students have family members in the military as we are close to a military base.

“It shows that there’s still a lot of people in our community that respect and honor those who have fought in the wars,” freshman Marcus Ruiz said. “It’s  very honorable thing to be called a veteran. It’s very nice to see the community come together on this day.


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