Bye Bye Birdie Auditions Q&A

The “Bye Bye Birdie” auditions were in the auditorium on Nov. 8 and callbacks were on Nov. 9. The directors listened to a one-minute audition from theater arts and choir students and anybody else who wanted to audition. The company list was posted on Nov. 10.

The official cast list will be posted on Nov. 18.   

Bye Bye Birdie Auditions: Q&A

Q: What song are you auditioning with and why?

A: “ I’m doing “ Let It Go ” from Frozen, because I think it would be the easiest one to do.”-Kamila Diaz, 9th 

A: “ Never ever getting rid of me” from Waitress and because I’m going to audition for all of the plays until I get a part.” -Kendall Dempsey, 9th

A: “ “ Pure Imagination ” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I chose it because I really like that song.” – Xander Robinson, 11th 

A: “ I sang “ I Can Hear the Bells ” from Hairspray because it’s a song I’ve always loved and known I could sing it well. ”– Avery Weaver, 11th 

Q: If they were to say you got the part, what part would you want?

A: ” I don’t want any main part. I would like to be in the ensemble. ” -Kamila Diaz, 9th 

A: ” I’ll take any part. ” -Kendall Dempsey, 9th 

A: “ I like technician work lights and sounds, that kind of stuff. ” -Xander Robinson, 11th  

A: “ I would love any part, but I would love to be cast as either Kim or Rosie.” -Avery Weaver, 11th 

Q: What were Callbacks like? 

 A: “ Callbacks were nerve-racking because we had to learn two new songs on the spot and then perform in front of everyone. The songs we sang were “ English Teacher ” and “ How Lovely To Be A Women ”.” -Avery Weaver, 11th 

The Company List for Bye Bye Birdie:

Alesia Brock

Griffin Candland

Alyssa Castaneda

Eli Cox

Amie Crockett

Sofia Crowe

Kate Crowley

Lauren Daniels

Elijah Del Toro 

Kamila Diaz

Aris Earls 

Maya Fragozo 

Amalie Gudbrand 

Josh Hernandez 

Noah Hernandez 

Zachery Herring 

Johnathan Hodges 

Ean Jaramillo 

Jay Jones

Teagan Lambert 

Teagan Leader 

Lillian Leal 

Alyssa Lewis 

Andrew Lockett 

Arwen Loxsom

Malachi Lujan 

Christina Manzo 

Charis Marin 

Carmen Mihleder 

Eliel Muniz 

Alexa Navarro-Barrera 

Ximena Nunez 

Christopher Park 

Riley Patterson 

Xander Robinson 

Jordan Rodriguez 

Presley Roehm 

Arsys Rojas 

Mia Rojas
Jocelynn Shay 

Sabrina Suarez 

Charis Tate 

Jonathan Thompson 

Isabella Tindall

Erik Torres 

Valeria Tuesta 

Lauren Underwood 

Parker Veltman 

Giselle Villarreal 

Avery Weaver

Logan Zimmerman

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