Whispers Book Review

Published in 1980, “Whispers” is suspense novelist Dean Koontz’ first book to appear on the New York Times Best Seller list. 

The book starts with the police looking for a serial killer. We follow our protagonist, Hillary, who is living as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. She visits Bruno’s vineyard for an event with other screenwriters and actors not too long before the encounter. Bruno broke into her home and tried to kill her and force himself on her. She forced him out of her home at gunpoint. She calls the police, but Bruno gives an alibi that proves he wasn’t near Los Angeles at all that night.

Left confused and in disbelief, she continues on with her career, until Bruno breaks into her house a second time. Hillary stabs him multiple times that were shown to kill him as his body is later found in his van. Hillary is taken to the morgue where she meets with one of the police officers to identify his body. 

Things finally seem to calm down for her until she’s attacked for a third time by a man who appears to be Bruno. 

This book keeps you on the edge of your seat with so many twists and a well-written storyline. This book is five stars. I can’t give the plot enough credit, it’s a book that keeps you interested the whole time. 

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