Choir Acappella Pop Show

This past Wednesday evening, our choir students performed at their annual acappella pop show. They performed 8 songs in total, some solos and some group songs. The concert consisted of members of the PFC, Aperture, and even MCSLAG. 


The songs performed were as listed:

Times, They Are a Changin’ -Bob Dylan


She Used to be Mine – from “Waitress”

Jordan Rodriguez

Change – Taylor Swift

Who’s Gonna Be Your Man – HWT


Take 5 – Dave Brubeck

Andrew Lockett & Jonathan Hodges

Like the Movies     – Laufey

Avery Weaver

Dance with Me –  Olly Murs

Make It Rain – Foy Vance


Easy On Me – Adele

Julia Donaho

Grace Kelly – MIKA



The members of PFC, Aperture, and MCSLANG are as follows:



Christian Crippen

Gianna DiPasquale

Maya Fragozo

Josh Hernandez

Kalleigh Hodges

Sam Larson

Christina Manzo

Mary Manzo

Charis Marin

Alexa Navarro Barrera


Jordan Cain

Alyssa Castaneda

Julia Donaho

Noah Hernandez

Johnathan Hodges

Ean Jaramillo

Andrew Lockett

Rylee Munguia

Jordan Rodriguez

Giselle Villareal

Avery Weaver


Nataria Harrington

Lilliana Hodrigez

Justin Yzaguirre

Makayla Givvens

Parker D’ambrosio

Jusmara Flores

Maverick Babbitt

Analie Gallardo

Grace Whetstone

Lizbeth Rosas

Karalyn McGuire

 Shane Hubbard

Jonas Hodges

Angelina Nieto-Otero

Sophia Camacho

Laurissa Camarillo

Josie Gearhart

Isabella Nunez

Arrianna De La Rosa

Melody Rivera

Leah Braun

Clara Sankey

Angela Stewart

Sofia Esparza

Amber Petzold

Zoey Arnold

Avery Cain

Zachary Carter

Chloe Kalamaridis

Fynlee Weaver

Centli Gutierrez

Ananya Smith

Isabella Garcia

Hailey Williams

Layla Craven

Reya Jones

Camryn Morrison

iGhana Rocha

Emily Sultani

Johnnyangel Rocha

Sophia Boyd

Khloe Stem

Tylie Buitron

Miles Mason

Alexandra Gracia

Nevaeh Lister

Leah Boekweg


“I definitely love to perform in these concerts”, says aperture member Joshua Hernandez (11th), “I love the nerves before the show. The thing with all of us performing is everyone has each other’s back, we all consider ourselves as a family.” The songs were beautifully performed and it was another successful pop show.  


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