Taking Back the Stats: Mac vs. Madison

With a really important district game in front of them, the Brahmas showed out at Littleton Gym against the Madison Mavericks. After a commanding 73-67 win against Roosevelt in the last game of the first semester to give the school our first district win of the season, the Varsity team faced a struggling Madison roster that had lost five in a row prior to Tuesday’s game. 


As the jump ball was tossed, the Brahmas showed that they had a game plan for the Mavericks, getting to the paint at will and kicking out to wide open shooters in the corners and on the wings. Abraham Salazar, senior, hit a trifecta of timely triples throughout the first half to give the Brahmas a much needed 3-point shooting boost. Salazar got the start and finished in double figures with 10 points, making a great impact.


The Brahmas led for most of the game, but Madison came back to take the lead during the 3rd quarter. Once the game got close, Coach Christiansen called a timeout and for the rest of the game the team looked more focused on both ends of the floor. Caleb Gaston, senior, scored four field goals in the 4th quarter to pull away from the Mavericks. Gaston finished the game as the Brahmas leading scorer with 14 points.


The Brahma that most controlled the pace of the game was senior Jalen Smith, as he got to the paint at will and either scored himself or kicked it out to one of his open teammates. 


“My teammates were shooting well so it opened up the floor for me…so I could either hit my teammate for the shot or I got the layup myself,” Smith said. Smith finished with 13 points and got to the free throw line at will, hitting 5 for 9 from the stripe.


The Brahmas late scoring burst was too much for Madison, and when the final buzzer sounded, the Brahmas had won 49-43. This is the team’s second district win in a row and Madison’s 6th straight loss. 

“This was revenge for football,” Smith said.

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