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Episode.1 Trying to get to heaven before they close the door

After the two-year wait, HBO’s Euphoria is back after kicking off season two last Sunday. The show brought back the entire star-studded cast along with new faces like rapper Lil Meech playing the role of Travis, and singer, songwriter Dominic Fike playing the role of Elliot. 

The episode starts off by going into the backstory of Fezco and his childhood, and how crime runs in his family. Fez grew up with a grandma that was balancing her involvement in organized crime while raising Fezco and eventually Ashtray. That environment taught Fez how to thrive in crime and made him into the successful criminal he is now. In these scenes you can truly see the progression Angus Cloud has made as an actor and it seems he will play a bigger role in the storyline throughout the season. 

The rest of the episode takes place at a New Year’s party with no lack of the teenage craziness the show is known for. Jules and Rue make their first in-person encounter since the season one finale. Maddy and Nate still seem to be in their problematic on and off the relationship as they are both with other people, which results in a great sequence by Sydney Sweeny as she has to hide in a bathtub throughout the whole episode. With all the main characters being in one room, it was leading to nothing more than conflict as Nate and Fez, who have seemed to put their past behind and make up for a dream at the break of midnight, but in the last scenes, it turns into Fez breaking a bottle over Nate’s head and beating him until others pulled him off.

The ending brings more questions to mind. Is Nate alive still? What impact will the new characters play throughout the show? How will Cassie be affected by being single, and will she put in the effort to stay clean? These are all things I hope we get answers to in this weekly blog.        

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