Student Spotlight: Bella Ramos

This week’s Student Spotlight is about Bella Ramos, a senior defender, and goalie for girls soccer. Bella has been playing soccer at MacArthur for four years. 

Bella had never played soccer before her freshman year but joined because of her best friends that played and also to try something new.

 “My favorite part of playing is definitely seeing the things we practice come together at full speed against someone else that is not ourselves,” Ramos said. “I also really love the energy all the girls and parents have. ” 

The girls’ soccer team has been getting ready for their district games by playing scrimmages and tournaments. 

“Our first scrimmages started out rocky because we had no chemistry but now we all work really well together,” Ramos said. “Working as a team doesn’t come with just passing a ball. We have to work together by talking to each other and listening.”

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