Pre-Districts: Wrestling

District matches for the 2021-2022 season of wrestling starts Feb 2-3  at 9 a.m. Wrestlers compete for a chance to place in the state wrestling tournament. Their matches take place in the Blossom Athletic Center.

Their practice meets started in November going against schools in and out of the district. At times they competed against two schools in one day. 

 Junior Amelia Rinn shared her thoughts on the upcoming district matches.

“It’s definitely going to be a lot of training and a lot of communication with our coaches because when we’re on the mat it’s difficult to plan out what’s going to happen when you can’t see,” Rinn said.

When asked about the district meets, sophomore Kei’ Aviyan Evans said that he knows the team is going to do good. 

The focus on practice is “Just wrestling smart because you can’t wrestling if you wrestle stupid,” Evans said. 

Amelia added that they’re also just building up the communication with the team.

It’s Rinn’s first season with the team. She said that the seniors have a lot of experience and are easy to work with.

 “It’s an outlet for me, so I’m not at home and it’s definitely a very big workout,” Amelia Rinn said. “It’s also so I don’t have so much built up and I can just take it all out on the mat.”

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