Happy Birthday Douglas MacArthur

“I shall return, ” even after 142 years, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s mighty words ring true to this day. 

This year coming back onto campus we can finally celebrate MacArthur’s birthday again but due to COVID protocols cake can’t be passed out and the only thing that can be given out has to be individually wrapped. Though the Student Council has found a way to celebrate his birthday with everyone without cake. 

Then to commemorate his birthday Student Council puts up all of our birthdays almost like we’re celebrating along with him. Though instead of just being displayed this year it’s now a part of a ticket raffle. With COVID protocols, the Student Council has a new system

“We can’t do anything homemade,” student council member Donovan Crosby said. “It has to be wrapped up by itself.”

Students today at lunch can grab their birthday card and give it to the Student Council who is stationed in the lunchroom organizing the card in a color-coordinated box. Then each correlating month, ten people will be chosen and delivered a goody bag during flex class. So we can follow the COVID protocols and still get to celebrate not only MacArthur’s birthday, but all of our Birthdays.

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