Unknown Courses

-We have lots of unique electives and courses, but without any promotion, no one knows about them. Here are a couple, you can learn more about them and find them through the course catalog. 

  • Robotics 

In this course, students use the skills and knowledge they need to have in the automation and robotic industries. You get to build prototypes and software to use your knowledge and everything you learn in this class. 

  • Child guidance 

This course is about the knowledge and skills required for raising and taking care of children 

  • Forensic science

This course uses the scientific approach to investigate crimes of abuse, assault, neglect, etc. You learn about investigation protocols and things that involve an investigation.  

  • Dollars and sense 

This course focuses on consumer practices, money management, preparation for human services, etc. This course prepares you for life outside of school.

Course cards are due on February eleventh, make sure you choose classes you know you can do well in and will enjoy!

To find more courses you might not know about visit here: https://www.neisd.net/cms/lib/TX02215002/Centricity/Domain/237/2022-2023%20Course%20Catalog.pdf 

To find course codes for core classes and electives visit here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11c0s8I2xLSmZvpQkpGnmwZzrJ4JLNJaM/view

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