Vivienne Westwood Catwalk

Vivienne Westwood has left an everlasting impact on fashion. Her unique way of designing and ideas are what got her to the top. “Vivienne Westwood: The Complete Collection (Catwalk)” by Alexander Fury, released June 30. 2021, showcases every runway collection she’s ever done, from 1981 to now. It’s 632 pages of descriptions, outfits, and all about her.


The book starts with a biography of Vivienne’s life before she started designing and how she got into fashion. This is followed by a brief timeline of events and major milestones in her life. Then you reach her first collection, Pirate. Every collection includes when it was released, how she came about designing it, and pages of photos from each runway.

As someone who’s basically obsessed with Vivienne and fashion, this book is like The Bible. It’s beautiful to watch her talent evolve with every collection as she climbs to the top of the industry and crafts punk fashion into something huge. The book is gorgeous as well as the layout, photos, and writing. If you’re interested in anything punk, fashion, designing, or Vivienne herself I strongly recommend looking into buying the book. There’s no way you can find this book as anything except interesting, inspiring, and once again, beautiful.

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