Valentine’s Gifts for different Love Langauges

February is the month of love. Valentine’s is on Monday and gift ideas can be hard and expensive, so here are some gift options for each love language. 


First, take a quiz to find out your love language:


If your valentines’ love language is Quality Time

  • Plan a picnic. Grab a blanket, sandwiches or fast food, and some drinks and picnic at the park. Get to know the person that is your valentine. 
  • Build a fort and watch a movie with snacks.

Personally, I suggest option three but the couch option seems more comfortable. Then grab snacks and watch a movie on your phone or iPad in your pillow fort. 


If your valentines’ love language is Physical Touch

  • Give them a warm hug for a sensible amount of time. Assure your valentine. Make them feel loved. Hugging someone for a long time does a lot more than you might think. 
  • Finger painting date. Grab some paints and canvas from the dollar store and get creative. Paint your valentines, paint something they will like. A cool idea is to switch after 5 minutes and continue switching till the canvas is no longer white. 


If your valentines’ love language is Acts of Service

  •  Pick them up and go on a surprise date. Surprise your valentine and make fake plans that will lead you to your surprise plans. Say it’s a fast-food date then boom you actually cook something from scratch. 
  • Give them a little coupon book. Think of things that you normally wouldn’t do. Maybe a coupon that says “help on homework” or  “carry a backpack at lunch”. Something that will help your valentine in life and also gets you to spend more time together. 


If your valentines’ love language is Receiving Gifts:  

  • Make something sentimental. Give them a picture book of your time together. Get a photo book from the dollar store and print pictures at CVS for as low as 27 cents per picture. Maybe caption them to make them feel special. 
  • Give them flowers and chocolates. A classic movie, not very emotional but gets the job done. Go to Walmart, get a chocolate box and some flowers, or make your own heart box using different candies that they actually might eat. When buying flowers maybe get their favorite color. Or get them a plant that they can take care of and they’ll have it forever.

    If your valentines’ love language is Words of Affirmation:

    • Write and tell them how you feel. A heartfelt letter is always a good option even on special occasions. Always tell people how you feel. If you open yourself up, so will they.

    • Compliment them with meaningful compliments. Make sure that they know you pay attention to them. Compliment the things they might not feel so sure about. Love them with words. Don’t compliment them if you don’t mean it. Just say what you feel.


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