Feeling Euphoric: You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can

Hello and welcome back to Feeling Euphoric with Jordan, where I give my personal views and opinions on season 2 of HBO’s Euphoric. Episode 4 focuses mostly on reclaiming the lies that are going on between the characters. Which I think is a good thing, I am fed up with the love triangle between Maddie cassie along with rue lying to Jules about staying sober and think both situations are going to take a bad turn. The episode is also somewhat different with it being the first with no narration from Rue, usually, Rue who is played by Zendaya talks and narrates throughout the whole episode with gives the show a nice touch but there is none of that in episode 4 which makes me think that it is because of how intoxicated she is throughout the episode which is very worrisome.


As I mentioned earlier the mess between Maddie, Cassie and Nate are still well and alive but we get close to the truth being exposed in this episode about Nate and Cassie’s flings going on behind Maddie’s back. In the episode, it has a scene at Maddie’s birthday party, and the first time we see Maddie Kassie and Nate all together in the same place at once since Nate got beat up by Fez and they took him to the hospital. And Cassie loses it, getting extremely intoxicated, and tries to act like nothing is going on between her and Nate. Maddie suspects nothing but the mix of nervousness and alcohol makes for a really funny scene where she throws up all over everyone in the hot tub. I think this might be used as a reflective moment for Cassie to cut off Nate from her life.


The episode also goes more into the throuple which is Rue, Jules, and Elliot which is a little messy for my liking and it seems to be bound to create problems for all three of them in the long run.  This episode also includes more great music to fit the scenes with songs from Baby Keem and yeat. To me, the episode felt like nothing more than filler until the later scenes with an intoxicated Cal Jacobs and his conversion with all the members of the Jacobs Family. After a late-night out Cal came back home to tell everyone how he feels about himself and his family, this altercation included telling Nate and his brother that they were both mistakes and proceeded to call them out for their shortcomings as he leaves the house for what could be for good. 

This week to be put down the groundwork for more crazy events to conspire in the next episode and hopefully, we get back to the action-packed episodes. Where does Cal Jacobs go from here? What will Jules do to try to get Rue clean? And will that lead to the end of their relationship, and will Maddie ever catch on to Nate and cassie? I feel like this can push the show to have to deal with these questions on everyone’s mind. I feel that sometimes the show is hard to watch when it is nothing more than teen drama and substance use. To see the show make an effort and that the plot lines will make a real impact on the show is the only thing keeping me in. I’m interested in what will happen in the next episode and what direction the show will go from here but something needs to give it a spark, thank you for reading, and come back next week to hear some takes on Euphoria, Jordan out.

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