Subbing for Subs: Substitute Shortage

There has been a shortage of substitute teachers this school year. COVID cases continue to rise and the amount of available substitute teachers goes down.

Left without a teacher, classes go to the auditorium to work on assignments. Some of these assignments are overwork that hasn’t been taught to the class. Without a teacher, students have no guidance on what to do and how to complete the assignments. Because of this, students sit in the auditorium doing nothing for the next hour. Sometimes, other teachers have to take classes with no substitute or check on both rooms frequently.

“I probably get about ten calls a day, then I go on to the website and there’s even more,” substitute teacher Mr. Lopez said. Because the district doesn’t have enough substitutes the substitutes that are available are being constantly contacted.

This ongoing problem has caused the district to increase the pay for substitute teachers. Certain rates apply to what qualifications you have, which are listed below:

 -Degreed/Non-Certified teacher or persons with 60 or more college credits: $110 

-Certified teacher: $120

-Long term teacher: $150

– Special education instructional assistant: $98


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